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Reconnecting Neighborhoods is a grassroots planning initiative of Seward Redesign designed to connect neighbors, the City of Minneapolis Public Works, Hennepin County Public Works, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to plan improvements to the crossings of I-94 between Seward and the West Bank.


These Creative Placemaking projects are made possible through Façade Improvement Grants and Great Streets funding from the City of Minneapolis, in partnership with Redesign and small businesses of Seward.

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Mobile Mia is a program through the Minneapolis Institute of Art. In 2018, Brigid was hired as an educator to develop and facilitate regular arts activities at public parks and festivals, to build community relationships and explore a new way of sharing museum resources with the neighborhood, outside Mia’s walls.

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Going Places With People is a transit-based zine that captures the process of facing fears, confronting strangers, and practicing openness around unfamiliar people. Breaking boundaries to discover where people are headed, where they are going, and where they wish to be is a way to connect - even just for a short ride.

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