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Who Is Eat Street?

The Who is Eat Street Zines were designed with a dual purpose of gathering community input and increasing awareness of the Nicollet Avenue Greenway entrance location. The zines were distributed to various Eat Street establishments over an eight week period. The completed zines were then collected and the responses were incorporated into the final signage designs. The Where is Eat Street wayfinding designs were inspired by the ecological benefits of pollinating butterflies and the Whittier community’s favorite memories of the Eat Street corridor. Like pollinators, folks who use the Greenway to travel to destinations like Eat Street bring resources into the community and help the small business district to flourish. This process of exchange is important to the function of our local economy, and to the culture of the neighborhood. The patterns shown on the butterflies and backgrounds are inspired by community members’ drawings and experiences of the Eat Street corridor, from their favorite foods to their fondest memories.

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