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Community Engaged Projects & Public Art

Creative placemaking and whatnot!

Who is Eat Street?

A community engaged wayfinding project, connecting Whittier residents to the Midtown Greenway Nicollet Ave entrance, and Greenway users to the Eat Street food district.


Chalk Artworks

Brigid has traveled to street art events across the country to create large-scale chalk pieces. Although the medium is fleeting, the opportunities to enliven the street and interact with community are what make the temporary artworks so special.



I love painting and I love painting outside. 



Brigid has experience as an arts educator in a variety of contexts, including with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Minneapolis Public Schools.


Reconnecting Neighborhoods

In 2018 Brigid designed arts based community engagement to raise awareness of the upcoming reconstruction of Interstate-94, and the potential for improvements to the crossings connecting the Seward and West Bank neighborhoods.


Going Places With People

A transit-based zine project that captures the process of facing fears, confronting strangers, and practicing openness around unfamiliar people. Breaking boundaries to discover where people are headed, where they are going, and where they wish to be is a way to connect - even just for a short ride.

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